PalmPDF 1.1

MetaView Soft's free and open source adobe PDF document reader has now reached version 1.1. PalmPDF is a native PDF file viewing application for Palm OS 5 devices.

PalmPDF enables users to view native Adobe PDF documents on your mobile device. It has support for anti-alaising and truetype fonts and five way navigation. It is based on the open source Xpdf program.

The v1.1 update include:

  • Skin support, selectable
  • support for keyboards
  • Possibility to rename PDF files in the file browser
  • added file handling support with RescoExplorer, ZLauncher, MobiSystems OfficeSuite etc.
  • bugfix: Content extraction
  • bugfix: security patch from xpdf 3.01pl2 added
  • bugfix: MobiPocket is called with the created PalmDOC
  • bugfix: Copy/Paste support in the search field
  • memory check around Content-extraction, does prevent out-of-memory crahes with large files
  • changed Scrollvalues
  • changed progressbar a bit, extended "WAIT" to cover also the extraction of content
  • direct mode for the apps above, means no stop in the file browser and direct exit after the renderer is closed
  • swapped quit and rotation button on all devices except Zodiac to have quit on home button on TX
  • when moving behind the right or left border using the keys, the display is wrapped around for better readability in large zooms
  • when called by another app or received file (using exchange manager) PalmPDF goes back to the called app when the PDF file is closed



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