PalmInfocenter omtale av Tungsten T5

Nettstedet PalmInfocenter har skrevet en fyldig omtale av nye Tungsten T5 fra PalmOne.

The Tungsten T5 is palmOne's latest Tungsten handheld. It features a large 320 x 480 pixel screen, 256MB of Flash RAM and Bluetooth wireless. Prior to the T5, every Palm Tungsten T series handheld featured the expand and retract slider design. The T5 departs from this tradition and borrows its design from the popular, lower end Tungsten E handheld. The Tungsten E has been a big success for palmOne, becoming the top selling handheld every quarter since its introduction over a year ago.


The T5 really impressed me when I first picked it up. Because it had inherited its appearance from the TE, I was concerned that it would have a similar light and plastic feel. Fortunately it does not, and the T5 has an excellent body and finish. Though it does have a plastic outer case, it is not quite easy to tell. The body is very rigid and the paint finish gives both the appearance and smooth texture of metal. The plastic case helps keep the weight down as well.

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