Oppdatering for Palm Tungsten T3


PalmOne har sluppet en oppdatering for Tungsten T3.

Her er hva de selv slrover om oppdateringen:

«palmOne, Inc. encourages all owners of the Tungsten T3 who plan to use SD cards at any time to upgrade their handheld using the software update below. This update aids in the transfer of data to certain SD cards, in addition to other updates.

palmOne recommends that you reformat your SD card after applying this software update. If the card has been or continues to be unresponsive after taking both of these steps, please contact the SD card manufacturer directly as there are problems with the card beyond palmOne's control.

The T3Update.prc is a software update for the Tungsten T3 handheld which, in addition to aiding in data transfer to SD cards, reduces unnecessary audio interrupts which may appear to effect performance.»

palmOne Tungsten? T3 Update



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