Markedets reaksjoner på PalmSource Linux-satsning

Palm Infocenter har spurt en del aktører i mobil- og PDA-bransjene om hva de ønsker å

Her er noen av reaksjonene:

Rob Malda - Founder, Slashdot.org (USA, MI)
"A lot of companies have tried to use Linux for the core of their systems. I think this is fantastic, provided they understand that Linux comes from the guys who like to tinker. PalmSource will be legally obligated to return code changes back to the community. But I hope that they will take that further and make it not only possible to modify the system, but actually encourage it. I kind of doubt that will happen, but here's hoping!"

Kenny West - Founder, PalmGear.com (USA, NC)
"We are very encouraged and supportive of the recent announcement made by PalmSource regarding their acquisition of ChinaMobileSoft Limited," said Kenny West, vice president of Motricity's Palm Consumer Channel. "As a strategic partner, Motricity is well-positioned to support PalmSource's decision to develop a Linux version of the Palm OS. We are very committed in helping PalmSource further extend their leadership position in the mobile software industry."

Her kan du lese resten av reaksjonene.



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