GPRS-oppgradering for Tro kommer i september


Handspring har lansert en GPRS-patch for Treo-modellene i Australia og New Zealand. Patchen skal ikke brukes andre steder i verden, men Handspring kommer med denne patchen for resten av verden i midten av september. Dette er hva Handspring sier om oppgradering til GPRS på sine sider: «Handspring's Treo 180 series and Treo 270 communicators are GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) upgradeable via a software updater. When the updater becomes available later this year (2002), we will provide more information about this software updater and how to upgrade your device. We are sorry this date is not more precise. The release process requires individual certification by GSM/GPRS wireless service providers. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a new form of wireless data connectivity built on top of GSM networks or by conversion of TDMA wireless networks. In the past wireless networks used CSD (Circuit Switched Data) connections where you dialed up your ISP or RAS (Remote access server) for connectivity. You pay for time connected under this model. With GPRS you pay only for the amount of kilobytes transmitted and received. A GPRS phone is only using the radio to send and receive data when it needs to which conserves your battery and will provide faster initial connections and an improved wireless Internet experience.»



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