QuickOffice tilgjengelig for iPhone

Quickoffice Mobile Suite for iPhone Arrives Microsoft fikk mye oppmerksomhet for et stund siden da de gikk ut med at de ville lansere en Microsoft Office Suite for iPhone.
Nå har imidlertid QuickOffice stjålet oppmerksomheten og lansert Quickoffice Mobile suite for iPhone-plattformen.

Programmet koster $19.99 fra AppStore.

Mer om programmet:
Quickoffice suite for iPhone platform supports editing and viewing Word and Excel files from MS Office 97 to Office 2003 including view support for MS Office 2007. While on the Mac side, editing and viewing files from Office v.X from 2004 is supported while MS Office 2008 for Mac files can be viewed. This suite also supports landscape keyboard, text formatting, and over 125 spreadsheet functions advanced formulas.

Apart from that Quickoffice also allows remote access to separate MobileMe iDisk account, transfer of files from Mac/PC via WiFi, file management, and password protection on the files. Also, the most deserved cut-copy-paste feature is also included in the Quickoffice Mobile Suite. Apparently, the Quickoffice guys tweaked their cut-copy-paste functions after Apple showed off Cut-Copy-Paste function in the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 update.



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